You bought one of our Luxury Scented Candles, now what?

It’s time to light it up... but wait!

There’s a few things we want you to know first before lighting your candle. You might be thinking "What is there to know about lighting a candle?" To be honest a lot actually, and I bet no one at the big chain stores ever told you this either. The first thing we want you to remember is the first burn is the most important! Weird right? Well that's because the first time you light your candle, it actually sets the tone for how your candle will burn every time after. You might not know this but our candles are made of an organic soy coconut base wax, and because of that they have a memory like an elephant. You know how Elephants have a memory like no other... well our candles are just the same. Each time you light your candle the burn of the wax along the wall of the vessel will set the tone for the next burn, until the candle has melted all the way down. This is why you want your candle to be off to a good start in its life cycle.

We recommend you to allow the wax pool to reach the edge of the glass on the first burn, but don’t let it burn too long. Melted candle wax and the fragrance oil acts as the fuel that allows for the wick to burn. This is why if you over burn it, sometimes the flame will get too high or the wick will get clogged. A solid rule of thumb is you should burn your candle for the first time for a minimum of 2 hours. this allows for the melt pool to reach each edge of the vessel and set the standard for all other burns. Each burn afterwards should be no longer than 3-4 hours at a time. Every time you go to light the wick you should always trimmed to ¼ inch long between burns. This will ensure that the wick will catch the flame and burn at a decent height. You don't want a wick to be too high or too shallow or you will create a uneven burn cycle.

A candle can be as persnickety as Goldie Locks and her porge; I say this because to ensure you get a solid life cycle out of your new candle you should never burn them by a window, vent, or other heat sources even another candle. If you do they will not light, wont keep a flame, or just frankly wont burn properly. If you ever forget any of this and wonder why your candle might not light google for trouble shooting tricks or flip our candle over and read the fine print on the bottom.